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Wishlist Bug Fables on Steam!

Our Indiegogo campaign is over, but we've opened preorders here! If you enjoyed the demo, come hang out in our discord server!

(If you downloaded a new version of a demo, save files are compatible! Just drag your saveX.dat file to the folder you downloaded the new demo version to!)

Follow Bee, Beetle, and Moth as they uncover the secrets of the Land of Bugaria!

The demo includes most of the game's prologue, plus some bonuses at the end that give you a taste of what will be in the final game!

Visit our development blog to get updates as we work on new stuff!

(Linux and Mac users: this game is compatible with WINE)
Note: The demo does not have Super Blocking, which will be present in the final game.

0.4.5h Patch Notes:
-Fixed some small glitches

0.4.5g Patch Notes:
-Added more spy info into the library

0.4.5f Patch Notes:
-Fixed typos
-Fixed some enemy and item behaviors

0.4.5e Patch Notes:
-Fixed issue with some respawners where you could get softlocked by falling in specific ways

0.4.5d Patch Notes:
-Fixed issue where animations would sometimes not play correctly during events

0.4.5c Patch Notes:
-Fixed Zasp getting stuck during theater event
-Swapped [Cancel] and [Switch] key functions in battle

0.4.5b Patch Notes:
-Fixed a softlock that happened sometimes after an area tattle

0.4.5 Patch Notes:
-Added text rewind if you press the switch party key (default Z)
-Fixed softlock if you fell while dialogue was showing
-Fixed cursor not disappearing if you closed the item menu at the same time you opened it

0.4.4d Patch Notes:
-Added shadows to dropplets
-Made items respawn if they fall off the map/water

0.4.4c Patch Notes:
-Fixed major bug with loading zones/event triggers

0.4.4b Patch Notes:
-Fixed softlock on Chuck's quest if you had no items
-Fixed some Out of Bounds issues
-Adjusted respawn points in the mushroom pit room so the player should respawn correctly

0.4.4 Patch Notes
-¡En Español, arreglamos el error con las descripciones de los objetos!

Both Languages
-Boss battle revised.
-Pressing the HUD Button on the medals menu will show the Party's skills.
-Changed the second geyser puzzle. You know the one.
-Commercial Plaza has a sign pointing to the medal shop.
-Fixed a bug where retrying vs the Boss would soft lock the game.
-Fixed some event issues when skipping text by holding X.

0.4.3 Patch Notes
-Current EXP shows up during battle if you stay idle for a while or by pressing the HUD button.
-Bee's attack now loops around like the tutorial twice before you fail.
-Moth's attack made more lenient.
-Pressing the Cancel button during battle is now a shortcut for switch order.
-Strategy Menu order changed to make more common options easier to access.
-Fixed a few glitches when reloading a save after getting a game over.
-Fixed a few miscellaneous glitches (like the money cap)


Bug Fables Demo v0.4.5h.zip 41 MB
Bug Fables Demo v0.1.zip 17 MB


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This is genuinely some pretty awesome stuff. I'm really looking forward to this game's release! One question, though. Any plans to possibly release this game on Mac in the future? 

Currently there are no plans for a mac release though it should be possible to play using a windows emulator like WINE.


I loved the demo. I want buy the complete version when launch!


This game is the best! It's the best paper game I've ever played on my computer.

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A beautiful game that wear it's obvious inspiration on it's sleeve.


It's one cute rpg game. I really love the artstyle and, the dialog is pretty funny!

Beat the demo and it's very much like Paper Mario in a good way! Had a blast playing the demo and it's a really cool touch to add in bonus side quests once you beat the prologue. 


Solo para decirles que buen trabajo me gusto les deseo lo mejor :D


Can't wait to try... i've been watching with a curious eye for a few months now ! Good job to everyone at the team ! ♥